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unibioche is a combination of research and development,prouduction and sales, not only provides a series of healthy and natural food ingredients,but also offers comprehensive servies and marketing imformation.

r&d center -皇冠总站棋牌平台

unibioche established hua's r&d center and associated with department of biological food, nutrition sciences,biology of tea,biotechnology of zhejiang university.we have 18 specialists in field of food,beverage,flower & herbal flavor.

1.advanced tea beverage technology

antioxidant protection technology

single cell and cold extraction technology

tea beverage stability technology

tea beverage industrialization technology

2.leading milk beverage technology

gel texture and rheological analysis

microemulsion technology

ultra - stone crushing technology

3.innovative tea extraction technology

microwave infrared composite titian technology

microwave assisted extraction technology

green tea protease hydrolysis technology

fermentation technology of black tea

scc extraction of tea

co2 supercritical extraction technology

4.continue to explore the natural flavor extraction

gc-ms  & thin layer chromatography

distillation distillation separation technology

5.high enzymatic fermentation technology

tea bio enzymatic hydrolysis technology

milk bio enzymatic hydrolysis technology

lactic acid bacteria fermentation technology

kombucha fermentation technology

6.strong tea refining technology