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tea aroma chemistry -皇冠总站棋牌平台


classification of tea leaves

•according to the processing methods, tea leaves are divided into six basic tea types: green tea, black tea, oolong tea, dark tea, yelow tea, white tea

type of tea     production process

green tea        fresh leaves fixation rolling - drying

yellow tea       fresh leaves -fixation- rolling- fermentation- drying

white tea        fresh leaves-withering-drying

oolong tea       fresh leaves-withering-tossing-fixation-rolling-drying

black tea          fresh leaves-withering-rolling-fermentation-drying

dark tea           fresh leaves-fixation-rolling-mosturizing-drying

•green tea focuses on  fixation process   

oolong tea focuses on tossing process

yellow tea focuses on fermentation process

white tea focuses on withering process

dark tea focuses on piling process

•because each tea has different the production processes, it leads to different characteristic and flavor components, forming many tea varieties.